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Let's Answer Some Questions For You

Q: What is the minimum age for renters and riders?

A: 16 years old is the minimum age to ride.

Q: What comes with each e-bike rental?

A; Each rental bike comes with (1) Helmet, (1) Bike Lock, Storage Basket and a Battery Charger if you are renting for 24hrs.


Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?

A: A helmet is required per the customer waiver, and included with every e-bike rental. 

Q: Am I able to bike any route or am I required to use the preferred routes eBike Drop provided?

A: You are free to bike any route you’d like, the recommended routes are popular, convenient bike routes we provided as a guide.

Q: Where do I pickup and drop off bikes?

A: We have a few designated pickup and drop off locations, all conveniently located around the Erie Bayfront and Presque Isle state park. Our customer service will finalize the details once the reservation is made


Q: Am I able to schedule a drop off location that is different from the pickup spot?

A: Yes, we offer the flexibility to pickup the bike at a different location when the rental period ends. Just inform customer service when making the reservation.

Q: What should I do if I experience technical issues on the bike?

A: Call our company customer service number at 814-823-1591.


Q: I have never ridden an electric bike before. Can I get a tutorial before my reservation?

A: Absolutely, we offer tutorials and assistance to all new riders when we drop the bike off. We also offer free test rides prior to any reservation being made.


Q: How many miles does the e-bike go on a full charge?

A: Our e-bikes get 25 to 30 miles per charge.


Q: Am I responsible for any bike damage?

A: We know things happen, but that's why we have a $15/per day Damage Insurance. If you feel like you sometimes run into bad luck or just like to not have to think about it, sign up for the $15 Damage Insurance. $15/per day gets you insurance on all REPAIRABLE damage. DAMAGE INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER NEGLIGENCE OR THEFT. 


Q: Can I ride the bike on the beach?

A: Electric bikes are prohibited on the beaches at Presque Isle. You will be subject to fines and repair for bike damage if the electric bike is taken on the beaches

Q: What is the company’s rain policy?

A: We understand it rains in Erie. At the time of your reservation, if the weather doesn’t permit for safe riding, we can fully refund the rental or rebook your rental for a different date and time.


Q: Do you offer kids bikes for rent?

A: At this time we do not offer kid bike rentals. 



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